The Big Lesson of the Star Wars Franchise: Put the Story First

Posted: 2016.02.15


Ever notice how much technology there is in the Star Wars universe? Of course you have! Powerful swords made of pure energy, sentient robots partnering with humans to save the day, even interstellar vehicles that make travel in the vast reaches of space seem like a simple matter. They all have a distinctive ’cool factor’, but they’re not what makes the multi-billion dollar Star Wars series resonate with so many people across our own planet.

No spoiler here: It’s the story.

Technology takes its rightful place in the Star Wars universe: a tool to move the story forward. George Lucas’ original genius is actually quite simple: make a compelling story, and then make it ’cool.’

It’s really a great lesson for those involved in selling or marketing their products and services: Don’t let the technology dictate the story; Make the best product or service FIRST.

But how do you make your product or service better...even the best?

How do you ensure what you offer is better than your competition? You need to understand what sets you apart. You need to have a firm grasp of the market reality. In short, you need to listen to your audience. Lucas’ genius in storytelling did not come from a happenstance connection with his audience. It came from knowing what people consider a good story. Just ask him:

"I tried to distill [the mythology stories from across the many cultures of the world] into motives that would be universal...I attribute most of the success [of Star Wars] to the psychological underpinnings which have been around for thousands of years, and people still react the same way to the stories as they always’s the traditional, ritualistic coming of age story." - Empire of Dreams Documentary

Like Lucas, business leaders need to seek out the truth behind their craft. But unlike story-telling, the focus needs to be on defining success in the marketplace. And who determines success in the market?

That’s right: your customers.


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So go see the new Star Wars movie in theaters. Take a minute, though, to learn the lesson that too many fail to see: the FORCE behind Star Wars is the story, not the tech. Carry that lesson to your corner of the marketplace universe, and let CIS help you put your business into hyperspace.

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