In-the-Moment Insights from the Moment of Truth
The path to INSIGHT is ON-SITE

Custom Intercept Solutions is a scalable ON-SITE market research and consumer insights agency.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CIS delivers the most actionable insights across all 50 US states and Canada. Our approach marries our network of local, vetted researchers with the latest research methodologies to capture and measure the critical onsite experience.


Want Actionable Insight?

It's all about accuracy. In consumer-focused industries, the most accurate and action-oriented insights are found during the experience. This is why we have re-invented on-site data collection. We specialize in connecting companies with their customers in the real world, in real-time.


Multiple On-site Methods, 1 Goal

We offer multiple methodologies to capture your customers' in-the-moment experiences in the real world. Our In-Aisle 360 approach marries a customizable mix of on-site elements to deliver the most accurate, timely, and relevant insights direct from the experience.

In-The-Moment: Hosted Customer Surveys

On-site Measures: Observational Research

Get The Details: Shop-Along Interviews

Incognito Site Visits: Mystery Shopping


Our "Secret Sauce": Live Customer Insights, Anywhere

Our footprint sets us apart. We have a local presence across all 50 US states and Canada. This coverage allows us to scale for national businesses as well as regional-market clients. In short, we are EVERYWHERE your customers are!

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