Case Studies and Applications for Onsite Face-to-Face Market Research
The advantages of being onsite


70% of purchase and loyalty decisions occur during the customer experience. This is why we've specialized in methodologies that are proven to capture the experience:

  • Hosted Electronic Surveys- We've combined cutting-edge survey technology with real, local, honest-to-goodness people. This way, we can bring the technology to your customers, rather than the other way around. It means increased response rates (4x those of online or mobile surveys), and more accurate relevency.

  • In-Person Shop-Alongs- It's wayfinding at the most customer-centric level. Perceptions, Drivers, Drags, and more. We deliver the deepest experieince understanding by combining in-depth interviews with an onsite personal touch.

  • Mystery Shopping- Ever seen the show "Undercover Boss?" Yeah, that's pretty much it. Set a mission, activate our team, and learn what branding, service, and staff are like when you're not around.

  • Onsite Experience Measurement- Putting it all together. Regardless of your business, our proven approach measures marketing campaign effectiveness, onsite perceptions, and much more. We've not only delivered unprecidented insights, but we've helped turn businesses around, increased foot traffic, and purchases by putting the customer experience first.

    80% of companies believe they deliver "super experiences," but only 8% of customers agreee. What would a 1 point increase in market share look like for YOUR company?

  • Who is really here- Get beyond demographic databases and connect with the people. Understand customer motivations, why they're here rather than your competition, and how you can keep them coming back.

  • What they really do-No need for expensive software programs or black-box algorythms. Observe customers' in-aisle activity. Learn diners' menu navigation. Capture fans' game-day experience.

  • Where they really come from-Do they stop by on their way home from work, or do they make a special trip? Understanding the real-world path-to-purchase let's you hone your marketing message and advertising dollars.

  • How to convert non-buyers- Know all you can about your loyal customers, and examine the gap with your non-loyal customers. Make the necessary tweaks to your current approach to capitalize on the "low hanging fruit."

    99% of people do not participate in reciept-type surveys, and 97% of people to not participate in mobile surveys. If all customer do not have an equal chance to be heard, this opt-out bias results in skewed, non-representative data.

  • Our process is the most accurate- In our model, everyone at the location has an equal chance of being heard, which means the insights are unbiased. Intercept participation rates hover around 50%. Ours are even higher.

  • Our people are the best in the biz- Our staffing footprint is based on 20 years in the market research industry, not an inexperienced labor force. We know what to look for, how to engage, and how to add value in the process.

  • Same Day Data? No Problem!- We upload data the same day we field. With reliable wifi, we can deliver it real-time. No more waiting for a monthly scorecard. No more weekly anxiety over point-of-sales reports, or endlessly scouring for "nuggets of truth." Within a week of fielding, you will have an in-depth study on your desk, complete with executive overview, presentation-ready visuals, and infographic-style topline insights.

    In short, being onsite allows us to deliver the most accurate, timely, and relevant experience insights without software investment, black-box algorythms, or onsite hardware installations.

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