Onsite Experience Measurement

A hyperlocal and proven approach to the most value-adding insights

The Tech

Customizable tablets

  • Multilingual (100+ changeable on-the-fly) means you can speak to ANY patron
  • Multimedia (video, high-res visuals, sound) means you can ask ANY question
  • Internet anywhere with pocket-hot-spot technology means you can engage ANYwhere

Sophisticated survey platform, or we can host yours!

  • Your company’s branding ensures an immersive in-store experience
  • Voice-to-text capability means richer, more value-adding insights

Same-day upload to Intuitive Reporting Portal

  • Dashboard template engine with intuitive visualization software
  • Presentation-ready, drill-able, and exportable (excel/csv)
  • See a quick demo

The Team

Only the best

  • Vetted and trusted staff are trained through our proprietary CIS Academy program
  • Experienced facilitators are proven to provide positive in-person engagement

Only the local

  • In-market staffing network in all 50 states, Canada, and beyond!
  • Ensure success with people who know the local market and the people in it

Only to serve

  • Onsite management and coordination
  • Home office coordinates across multiple local markets simultaneously
  • Dedicated customer service, project management and analysis

The Technique

We Get in, Get Out, and Get Your Answers

  • We can be anywhere in the US 50 states or Canada in 10 business days, so you can make the insights actionable in THIS quarter.

Flexibility within the Framework

  • We can handle everything, from programming to staffing to securing sites
  • We customize our approach to meet your needs. Our goal is to help our clients listen to their clients when it matter most – at the moment of truth.