Gen Z Consumers Prefer Real Stores

Posted: 01.24.2017

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Too many marketers are getting distracted with mobile and online commerce, while REAL WORLD commerce becomes disappointing for consumers. However, new research finds that the next generation of consumers actually PREFERS to shop in the REAL WORLD.

According to joint research at IBM and the NRF, Gen Z consumers actually PREFER REAL-WORLD SHOPPING vs. online shopping. Here are a few interesting statistics:

- 67% of Gen Z prefer shopping in stores all the time

- Only 2% of Gen Z shop exclusively online

- Gen Z has a significant influence (93%) on family spend...translating into $44 Billion in buying power

It's easy to boast of online presence, likes and shares. It's a lot tougher to create a unique, customer-aligned in-store experience. We can help you with that!

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