Retail is dead? Wrong!

Posted: 06.02.2017

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Look Thru The Hype: Online is Growing, But Traditional Retail Survives...

We see the headline every day: 'Brick-and-mortar is dying." Pretty grim, but is it true?

We only need to look to the facts to see the true threat online supposedly presents to brick-and-mortar:

1. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce makes up only 8% of total commerce. E-commerce is also growing faster than non-e-commerce (approx. 4% vs. 1%).

2. Though much press is made about closing stores, many retailers are finding INCREASES - not decreases - in foot traffic.

3. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index report, brick-and-mortar retailers are scoring better than ever.

So why all the hub-bub? Frankly, what you are seeing is marketing slogan-speak, not news. Software-hocking firms are saturating the ground with spin, rather than positioning themselves as a genuine tool for researching online consumers. If they accurately stated that they do not capture the real-world consumer, how does that sell more units? :)

In today's world of style-over-substance, we can lose sight of the facts, and lead ourselves the the wrong actions or conclusions. The trick is to stpe back and ask, "what is the writer's motivation?"

This is the point at which I want to address the reader: We are a genuine insight-provider from genuine people while they are in a genuine real-world environment. There's a reason I came from large consumer packaged goods firms: I see the potential of a world in which marketers and consumers are speaking to each other again. Join me! - Mike


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