Consumers want marketers to focus on GENUINE contact.

Posted: 06.23.2017

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71% believe brands with access to their personal data are using it unethically!

The overwhelming majority of consumers DO NOT TRUST businesses with their personal data, according to a recent survey. Given that the survey was taken online, the real-world number is likely even higher.

According to a 34,000 survey by Edelman Research and the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, "brands are at severe risk of overestimating consumers’ trust in and willingness to adopt ‘predictive technologies'."

So why are marketers intent on pushing technology if consumers actually want real human contact? The article assumes that the negative consumer perception will change with time, but there is no evidence to support that hope. Sure, it can seem easier to abdicate marketing responsibilities to technology, but true value-adding insights and communication demand a HUMAN touch.


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