5 REAL reasons why retailers are struggling. HINT: It's not Amazon!

Posted: 08.11.2017

Welcome to this month's blog!


How often do we hear about struggling retail these days?

It's seems one cannot turn around without hearing the lament of "experts" around all the retailer issues. Interestingly, this article in Forbes outlines the 5 REAL issues brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling with:

1. Not focusing on solving customer pain points

2. Not differenciating store experience

3. Not validating EXECUTIVE opinions against CUSTOMER realities

4. Not going beyond assortment updates to create reasons to shop in stores

5. Not cutting thru corporate politics to focus on the customer

It has never been more clear that what is needed is NOT more automation, but genuine insight. Automation works great for menial tasks, but it's no substitue for thinking. Genuine insight requires the best data, and an understanding of what to DO with it. Your customers can tell you, but you have to know how to listen...


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