Holiday Marketing Basics: The 4 P's: Product

Posted: 03.09.2018

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Last week we explored "PLACE" as it related to the other 3 "P's" of marketing. This week, let's cover our final "P": Product.

You've heard is a thousand times, "content is king." In the case of "Product," it's really on-point. This is the service or product that is used by your audience. The "product" could be the experience at a movie theater, a shopping trip, a meal out, or a new pair of pants ordered online. At the end of the day, the "Product" is the item purchased.

And anything purchased has to have a VALUE.

What is the value of your product/service? What purpose does it serve? Answer those two questions and you've got the beginnings of an exciting marketing campaign. Consider the following:

#1. Is what you are selling a "want" or a "need"? Remember, we NEED water to survive, we WANT a cold beer. How much above "basic" is your product?

#2. What about your product/service is unique? Beyond price, what do you bring to the table that no-one else can offer

#3. How and where will the customer use your product/service?

#4. Is your branding/marketing efforts consistent with how your brand SHOULD be branded, based on the above

Finally, the degree to which your marketing activities align with the correct POSITIONING, consider you place on the product lifecycle