68% Support GDPR Rules in US

Posted: 5.22.2018

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In new research from Janrain , US internet users want more protection from those who wish to harvest data on them. If you think about it, it was only a matter of time. People have never liked being spied on, and the recent social media revelations , demonstrate how wary Americans have become of "passive data collection."

Remember the articles about consumer privacy when "passive data collection" started about 10 years ago? Dismissed.

What about current stories about privacy concerns? The answer is "we can't stop now."

Only, nobody has told the consumers to stop being concerned. They are "voting with their feet," resulting in data integrity problems, and biased samples from online panels and surveys.

Obviously, we are here to help. In-person intercepts provide 3 key things that no other methodology can provide:

1. IN-THE-MOMENT "WHY": Anyone can point to point-of-purchase data, but where is the "why" behind the purchase? Only onsite engagement gets at the "why" behind the buy.

2. SAME-DAY RESULTS: What good is an insight if it comes 3 months after-the-fact? We deliver same-day data, and final reports within a few days of fielding. Get fresh insights, direct from the source.

3. BACK TO AUTHENTICITY Consumers have spoken, and authenticity is key. Choose an ORGANIC APPROACH to your consumer research. No creepy tracking, no data harvesting. Just real people, at the moment of truth.