In the NewRetailLand, what was old is new again.

Posted: 10.29.2018

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Maybe you've noticed the return of your favorite shows from years past. Maybe you've noticed "retro" products in your local grocery store, or the return of fashion fads of the past, or even "tried and true" political attacks?

In the retail world, maybe you've noticed a boom in retail, when only a year ago there was talk of the "apocalypse." According to the US Census Bureau, the physical commerce sector is still humming along at 90%+ of the economy. Perhaps you're wondering:


In today's info-rich environment, consumers can google (or even ask Alexa/Siri/Etc) the answers to almost any data question. But what about INSIGHTS? Where do people go to better understand the world around them, beyond a deluge of simple data points?

It turns out, there is a HUGE gap between data and insight. Such a big gap, in fact, that "storytelling" has become the buzzword-of-the-year for marketers and data scientists, as they try to tease a "story" out of their mountains of data.

But companies are still closing their doors. Products continue to miss their target-audience, and consumers have pushed back hard on marketers' efforts to serupticionsly harvest their information. For all the BIG TALK about BIG DATA, it seems we're left with the same problems we had before the "Golden Digital Age".

When things seem to go "off-the-rails," most try to return to the basics. The fundamentals that led to great growth so long (or not-so-long) ago can be used again to "right the ship." This is precisely what is happening across all industries. Technology is being re-evaluated for it's intrinsic worth rather than it's vague promises.

In-person surveys have been the evergreen, proven methodology to capture on-the-ground insight from consumers across nearly all industries. They put CHARACTERS into the story and breathe life into your cold reams of data.

What's old is new again. Especially when everyone already knows it's worked in the past...