What's a good survey reponse rate?

Posted: 5.09.2019

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In 2019, surveys are everywhere. But which survey method gives you the most bang for your budget buck? Every market research and insights agency will have a different claim to being the "best," but where is the supporting data? How can you make an informed decision to ensure you aren't throwing good money after non-representative data?

A recent study by FocusVision clears up the claims. Click here to read their study.

In short, the key to response rates is personal interaction. Trust is built on a personal level, not via the "numbers game" of mass panel or mobile surveys. Once consumer trust is present, response rates follow.

At Custom Intercept, we've been at a response rate of 60%+ for over 15 years, and we're proud to say it's because we put the customer experience first.

We believe in a TRANSPARENT approach to data collection. We approach consumers IN-PERSON, and IN-THE-MOMENT. We collect data directly from consumers via iPad-enabled, face-to-face interviewsa, shop-alongs, and observations, so all the capabilities of technology are brought to bear, without invasive, potentially trust-breaking methods.