In an Amazon world - Assortment doesn't matter anymore

Posted: 7.03.2019

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Technology has brought the insights industry to a new level. Companies now have the ability to send messages to consumers via social media, mobile, and even suggest in news feeds and voice.

So what are companies communicating? Lower prices, "personalized" offers, and faster delivery.

Each of these strategies require ongoing, significant investments in trade promotion, automation, AI analytics, and logistics. And what do these investments deliver? An endless race to the bottom for prices, consumer accusations of privacy invasion, and next-day delivery one-upmanship. Where does it stop?

New research suggests that More than half of all U.S. reward program members are inactive, with Gen Z moving away at the highest rates. Consumers have simply stopped participating. In fact, while 90% of the US economy is still briack-and-mortar, very few companies understand what drives consumers to buy. For all the data harvesting, tracking, and sophisticated algorithms, companies are no closer to consumers' mindsets - only now they have oodles of data to play with. So much, in fact, that data scientists spend only 10% of their time finding patterns and themes (read: insights) - and over 50% of their time is spent simply cleaning and organizing data.

There's lots of data out there; but few are measuring the real-world experience in the REAL-WORLD. In an world where Amazon is a click away, retailer assortment is ubiquitous. In a world of next-day delivery, convenience becomes ubiquitous. What is the one thing that brick and mortar companies have to differentiate themselves from their competition: the experience. Online and Offline methods have their place, but once consumers are in the four walls of your location, the consumer is "off the radar." Companies need a more agile, authentic, and reliable method for listening to their consumers at the point-of-experience.

This is why we exist. At Custom Intercept, we believe in ACTIONABLE data that delivers BREAKTHROUGH insights on the critical experience, so our clients can better measure their consumers' brick-and-mortar perceptions, impressions, and actions. Contact us today to get started measuring your REAL-WORLD customers!