Shut Up and Listen

Posted: 9.11.2019

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When devices allow companies to talk at customers constantly, the advantage is knowing how to listen.

As a society, we are advancing at an exponential rate - at least technologically. We can post, tweet, blog, and more, but what about on a human level? Injustices continue to exist in our world. Even after all the posts, the online lectures, and the cynical memes, the problems persist. It's becoming clear that talking at others is not enough. It is time to talk with and listen to each other.

Businesses have a similar problem. They continue to stuggle to understand the "why" behind the buy. They want to improve their product or service in order to increase business, build customer loyalty, and become industry leaders in terms of driving stakeholder value, employee satisfaction, and fostering a positive community.

The problem is, what can we really do? Not everyone is a member of a government committee, a community action group, or company task-force, but there is something that every person can do to drive positive change: shut up and listen..

We live in a world where opinions and facts are being blurred together. Nowadays, a simple tweet or photo can cause an uproar nationwide. It's not just because communication media and devices are everywhere. It's also because our society has forgotten how to really listen. According to a recent article in VeryWellMind, there are 7 key features of active listening. They are:

1. Neutral and nonjudgmental

2. Patient (periods of silence are not "filled")

3. There are verbal and nonverbal feedback to show signs of listening

4. Questions are asked of the one speaking

5. There is a reflection/internalization of what was said

6. Clarification is asked for by the listener

7. There is a summary re-statement with the intent to capture all relevant information

Re-read that list above. Does it describe the last customer satisfaction survey you filled out online? Or the last election phone-poll you took? Probably not! In fact, as customers - and members of society - we've become so accustomed to removing the context and critical thinking of our opinions that we've (1)simply stopped paying attention to the countless offers to "join the conversation" and (2)forgotten how to authentically engage with those around us to better understand, better react, and better address the issue we face - no matter what that situation is.

It's time to take context into account. It's time to understand how things got us here in the first place, so that we can find actionable solutions to our problems. In short, it's time to listen IN-PERSON. This is why we exist. At Custom Intercept Solutions, we believe in AUTHENTIC listening on an ACTIONABLE scale. From polling to customer surveys, mystery shopping to shop-alongs, we are singularly focused on making active listening a part of YOUR research mix. Click the link below to schedule time with our sales team, and let's start REALLY listening to your audience.

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