Measure the FULL impact of your in-store changes!

Posted: 10.01.2019

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As retailers race to remain relevent in an increasingly digital world, they are re-evaluating the customer experience.

Indeed, with competitors racing towards ever-faster delivery, and the internet making assortment and price differentiation more difficult than ever, many see the customer experience as the last remaining differentiation point. From buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPUS), to innovative digital signage, and/or new layouts and departments, retailers are working hard to create an experience that brings in new customers and keeps their current customer engaged.

But how do you measure experience success? Sales alone can be deceiving, as in-stocks, competition, and pathtracking (can I find what I'm looking for?) all muddy the waters and can lead companies to think their changes have come too late, or were not enough.

We measure the customer experience.

So here's the problem: EXPERIENCES ARE PERSONAL. How do you measure your store/category's experience compared to competition, in-store pathtracking, or category/store engagement (dwell-drivers, conversion/usage insights, etc) without connecting in a personal way?


According to recent research at Quirks, only 33% of corporate researchers rate their function's ability to demonstrate ROI as "good" or "very good". This means that there's an aweful lot of "hope" going on out there, and hope is not a strategy.

It comes down to this: if you want to measure the FULL impact of your in-store change, you must go beyond static sales lifts. You must connect on a personal level to capture the experience. This means speaking directly with customers. Speaking face-to-face with a customer delivers the whole picture. From quantitative to qualitative, from pathtracking to dwell reasoning (did they stop because they were engaged or because they were confused?), speaking directly with a customer during the experience is the best way to get the complete picture.

Buy how does it work?

To achieve a statistically-valid result, you need to sample a representative group. Let's say you are a national retailer. Sampling 3 stores in each of 5 representative markets (15 total stores) across the country over 2 high-traffic days will yield a sample size of approximately 2,400 completed interviews. For around $30k, this will provide a non-recalled, non-biased sample with 95% confidence, +/- 5, even when drilling down into specific personas (specific demographic/psychographic/use profiles).


Historically, companies have had a hard time fielding these types of project internally because of the logistics and site-level management involved...Until Now.

Our singular focus is providing the most accurate, live market insights to our clients. We are the only provider of local US and Canadian markets at scale, which means that we solve the logistics barrier. We have over 15 years' experience across all customer-facing industries, which means we already have a good bead on where to start your interview instrument. Finally, we collect all data (qual and quant) via video-enabled, touch-friendly iPads, which means we deliver visually-stunning, same-day, on-the-ground customer insights.

Rather than asking REMOVED customers their PERCEIVED INTENT to purchase in a HYPOTHETICAL setting, we connect IN-PERSON, while they are in their experience, in the REAL WORLD, to get the REAL STORY.

Contact us to get a quote within 24 hours, and understand the FULL ROI of your critically-important in-store changes!