The best way to evolve content

Posted: 2016.07.22

'In the data-driven economy, even small players can reach their niche of consumers with highly targeted content.' - Shawn O'Neal, The Personal-Data Tsunami And the Future of Marketing

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Yup, sounds great.

So, how will you evolve your content to not creep people out in the process?

Everyone understand that by piecing together an individual's data, a marketer could ensure that the right message hits them at the right time. No question there. But, consumers don't want to be 'hit.'

They want to discover you based on their need, not be yelled at from across the room.

It's about demonstrating to them why they deserve your business more than your competitor. What do you do better than your competition? And how many people know this? The answer translates into either success or failure in your industry.

So, how do you find out what the majority of people like about you (over your competition)? You can't be everything to everyone, so you need to find out the most common factor, then position yourself in the market to demo that competitive advantage to as many people as possible.

At CIS, we specialize in discovering your competitive advantage from your customer's point of view. No why they buy, and then use your data to make it possible.

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