Leap Day: make it count!

Posted: 2016.02.29


What is "leap day?"

It's a day to catch-up...literally & figuratively.

Earth's orbit around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours. This means than an extra 24 hours accumulates every four years, necessitating an extra day on our calendars, referred to as "Leap Day."

How will you spend your extra day? Learn how to LEAP over your competition!

"Mobile ad blocking is on the rise with nearly 80% either using them or wanting to"

Earlier this month, yet another article surfaced citing consumers’ concerns over mobile-based marketing, despite a growing ’tone-deaf’ industry of mobile-based CX and market research.

The article reports that 80% of survey respondents block or want to block mobile ads. And who is over-indexing in the "already blocking" category? Ages 16-34! Evidently, millennials are against invasive market techniques.

There's a growing mountain of research showing that people value their mobile privacy. They do NOT want to be inundated by marketers trying to connect with them at their point-of-experience...and all the data-diving in the world doesn’t solve for understanding human reasoning behind their purchases.

We help you make the LEAP!


At CIS, we have spent the past decade building the largest network of vetted, trusted intercept facilitators across all 50 US states and Canada.

Our proprietary technology on our own fleet of tablets lets us ask ANY question, to ANY patron, in ANY language, in ANY media, ANYWHERE. We even provide same-day dashboards and drill-down reports to give you timely insight from your customers' point-of-experience.