Important Differences between In-Store and Online Surveys

Posted: 2015.06.01

There are many key differences between personal and online surveys, and while each one has their own list of benefits, it can't be denied that surveys which lack a personal touch also lack results.

Although internet surveys are often considered to be a cheap solution to getting customer feedback, they don't reflect the actual population or your specific client base as a whole. In-store surveys, on the other hand, have the ability to target a specific group in order to maximize actionable information.

Online surveys also have a low response rate, especially for longer or more detailed surveys. In-store point-of-experience surveys, on the other hand, show a much higher completion rate even for longer surveys, guaranteeing customers will answer the questions you want to know about.

Online surveys also pose a problem in that random people may answer them. If a survey is found online, people may enter false information, skewing the results of the survey. Point-of-experience surveys guarantee that the people you're getting feedback from are actual clients who've been in your store or have utilized your services.

Companies are often apprehensive about using in-store surveys because it takes a while for the information to get back to them, and are generally thought of as expensive. Custom Intercept Solutions provides affordable and efficient in-store surveys for businesses of all sizes, and offers you real-time results by using cutting-edge network technology.

Not only will you know what your customers are thinking when they're in your store, but you'll know how they feel as they are making purchasing decisions, bringing the insights to life rather than drowning in data-dumps.

If you're looking to bring a personable experience to your customers with real-time results, give us a call at (612)294-2030 and find out how we can help.