The Three Most Desired Attributes of a High Quality Retailer

Posted: 2015.05.13

Retailers understand that it takes planning and effort to build customer loyalty for repeat business - the holy grail of marketing. Collecting large amounts of information (big data) on your customers' behavior has become a popular technique in understanding how to better market to them. The difficult part is interpreting that information in an effective way so as to enact real solutions, otherwise known as "actionable information."

Enter In-Store Surveys

Retailers who wish to build customer loyalty can do so by administering an in-store survey to assess what their customers are thinking and feeling at the moment of purchase, and then taking action to make sure that each customer gets the kind of service that they are looking for.

So what is it that most customers are looking for when they are out shopping?

Although reasonable pricing is important, it is often not the highest priority for achieving customer satisfaction. Data gathered through in-store customer surveys shows that customers most highly value personalized services which are tailored to meet their needs and expectations. They want to have speed and convenience when shopping, along with high quality customer service.

Personalized Customer Service

Retailers need to create personalized experiences for their customers to keep them happy and coming back for more. This begins with having neatly organized products that are accessible and easy to find.

In addition to this, sales associates serving the customers must be available when needed to answer questions and point shoppers in the right direction. The associates must be well trained, friendly and knowledgeable so they can provide the information that the customer needs on the spot.

Customers are quickly put off when there is nobody available to help them with product information or getting items down from high shelves, or transporting heavier items to the checkout stand. Nobody wants to stand waiting in an aisle for 20 minutes to get the help that they need.

Convenience and Speedy Service

Convenience is an absolute necessity in today's shopping world. Customers expect to be able to go into a store, find the items that they need and to be able to navigate through the lines in a short period of time. Retailers who do not keep an adequate number of associates on hand often have long lines at the checkout counters, leading to frustration and impatience for customers.

In essence, shoppers want to have a seamless experience that allows them to find the items they need, get all of their questions answered quickly and navigate through the checkout line without long wait times. Retailers who maintain staff that are knowledgeable, courteous and fast in providing the expected services will have the highest customer satisfaction ratings. By creating personalized shopping experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations, retailers will have happier customers and in turn, increase repeat business and sales.

So how do you learn about your particular customers?

In-store surveys are an effective and highly efficient means of figuring out exactly what it is that customers desire and expect in order to be fully satisfied with their shopping experience. To find out more about in-store surveys administered by trained experts, contact Custom Intercept Solutions today.