Intercept Survey Best Practices
Intercept Survey Best Practices

The Point-of-Experience is where all business activities combine.

Whether your business is retail, dining, sporting events, or community activies like parades, fairs, or expos, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when designing your program:

  • Articulate the Research Goal- What is the most important "get" of the research? Do you want to know more about your customers' personal background? The why behind the buy? Their in-aisle activity? Their menu perceptions? Maybe which media/messaging drove their visit? Our goal-pathing collaboration process will best position the study so we maximize your budget and our time in the field.
  • Develop the Plan Tactics- This is where agency experience is key. What are the different planning and logistical pieces to nail down so the fielding goes smoothly and without surprises? Your chosen agency should specialize in onsite data collection. If it's just one piece of their capabilities, that lack of expertise could result in biased/skewed data, or worse: a poor customer experience.
  • Collect Onsite Data- The execution of your research project is where the "rubber meets the road." It must be custom-tailored to fit your business, customer, and learning objectives. Again, it helps if you are working with an agency that's done it before. :)
  • Concisely Report Findings- After all this work to articulate, plan, and execute, you don't want the deliverable to be a series of data files that are shelved as "interesting." At CIS, we've perfected an infographic-style of summary reports, drilldowns, and statistical testing that ensures you're getting to the truth behind the research.
  • Use the Learnings to Improve your Business- If your research results are accurate, timely, and value-adding, it's time to leverage your new-found knowledge to make a difference in your business. Not sure how to do it? We can help. Our expertise and experience allow us to present findings with a "go-do" spirit. We'll summarize the key research findings and isolate the few tweaks to be made to accomplish your business goal.

  • Questionnaire Goal Example - Increasing Your Customers' Loyalty

    One of the main goals of collecting information about consumer behavior can be to increase loyalty. To this end, we have isolated 4 areas that need to be addressed when developing the right questionnaires for your audience; we call them the 4 corners of consumer loyalty. These areas are part of our Onsite Experience Measurement program, which has been proven to increase both consumer loyalty and frequency.

    Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

    The 4 Corners of Consumer Loyalty

    Corner 1: Purchase Drivers ('Context') - Why do they shop here? What best engages them?

    Corner 2: Localized Competitive Advantages ('Secret Sauce') - What differentiates us from our competition across the street in the consumer's mind? What causes us to win/lose the sale vs the other guys?

    Corner 3: Operational-Managerial Health-Check - How is the overall satisfaction? Are we living up to our brand promise / expectations set by our marketing? Are the stores clean? Are the people friendly?

    Corner 4: Client-Specific Topics - We just switched soft-drink vendors, what do you think? We have a new lawn and garden section, did you browse it? If you (the consumer) owned this store, what would you do differently?

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